Wednesday, July 28, 2010

How to Shop at REI, a nine-step process

1. Make a list; this list will essentially double in size once you start shopping.
2. Gather all the stuff on your list plus all the stuff you didn't know you needed.
3. Estimate how much the stuff in your cart/bag will cost.
4. Add 25% to the cost of your estimate. Prepare yourself to pay this amount. Now...
5. Add another 20% to that number. This is what you'll actually be paying.
6. Repeat to yourself "I'm going to get 10% back in dividends."
7. Try not to crap your pants when the total is actually more than the amount from #5.
8. File for bankruptcy. Assume a new identity and/or flee to Mexico.
9. Have fun in the great outdoors!


Leslie said...

Hey. You're still here! And you're all brownish pinkish and floweryish. I like. Are you going camping?

Spoon said...

I can't really see the floweryish stuff on my old computer. Is it too girly?

Yep, I'm going camping with some Austin people at the Guadalupe Mountains National Park. There we will climb the highest peak in Texas (8749ft) and poop in the woods. I'm pretty excited.